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Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury claims cover all manners and descriptions of cases where a person has suffered physical and/or psychological injuries in an accident, some instances may include:

  • an industrial or workplace accidents;
  • accidents that may happen either on private owned property or municipal owned property;
  • injury caused by the use of defective products or goods;
  • food poissening caused by eating contaminated food.
  • assaults
  • sexual assaults  

Depending on the circumstances and the nature of the accident including where the accident or injury occurred and who is involved in the incident many different legal implications may apply to the litigation of the personal injury claim.

To best assess who may be legally responsible for your injuries and to best assess against whom a legal claim may be brought against requires the experience of a competent lawyer experienced in personal injury law.


Edmonton is a northern climate city thus we are exposed to the changing weather conditions that are associated with living in a northern climate.

We are expected to know and realize that in winter the streets and sidewalks and parking lots of many places that we regularly attend may and do from time to time get covered in snow and ice that can make walking on them difficult and sometime hazardous. We are expected to wear appropriate clothing and footwear for the weather conditions.

The most often seen case of personal injury aside from motor vehicle accidents is a slip and fall occurring on the property of a privately owned commercial facility, or publicly owned property (city, provincial, or federal). Slip and fall incidents may occur on a residential property, business such as a store or mall, arenas, or a public facility such as a recreational center or a government building.

If you have suffered injuries from a slip and fall accident on private or public premises due to:

  1. Ice build up on sidewalks or entrances to buildings
  2. Exposed water or other foreign substances, such as broken eggs, spilled containers or fruit on the floor of a store
  3. Exposed water on the floor of a commercial building or public building 
  4. Ice build up on parking lots of private and public sites,

you may have the right to a claim for damages against the owner and occupier of the premises. 

The owners of the private and public properties have a statutory duty to take reasonable steps to make their property reasonably safe for their visitors and to take reasonable steps to remove any hazardous conditions that may exist on their property. 

If you suffered a slip and fall accident on private or public property, obtaining legal advise from an experienced lawyer is the best way of knowing whether the owner of the property has in any way failed in their duty to keep their property reasonably safe for visitors and whether on the facts of your specific situation they may be legally liable to you.


We live in a consumer based society where we purchase products and services for everything from toys for our children to the vehicles we drive, and the foods we eat.

The companies that provide these products have a responsibility to ensure that the products are fit for the intended purposes and that they will not cause injury or harm to anyone that reasonably uses the product within the reasonably expected purpose and intended use.

Sometime these products fail and the failure may lead to the user of the product suffering personal injury due to the product defect.

To determine whether a user of a product has suffered an injury due to product defects requires the consideration of many factors. An experienced personal injury lawyer with experience in this area can help you make that determination. 

If you have suffered physical injury from:

  1. Food poisoning from eating at a restaurant or from food purchased from a grocery store  
  2. Scalding from use of a steamer
  3. Falling from a ladder that breaks 
  4. Airbag failure in a motor-vehicle accident   

Anyone of our experienced lawyers will be happy to meet with for a free initial consultation to discuss whether you have the right to pursue a personal injury claim based on a product liability issue. 


Many accidents occur in the workplace. Every year thousands of workers find themselves struggling with the effects of accidents at the workplace that are caused by another worker or by the injured victim themselves or perhaps even due to safety issues on the work-site.  

In Alberta most workers are covered for work-site accidents under the provisions of the "WCB" (Workers' Compensation Board) that provides workers with accident and employment benefits governed under the provisions of the Workers' Compensation Act, RSA 2000, c W-15, and in the Regulations under the legislation.

A worker injured in a work- site accident is entitled to medical benefits; income replacement benefits; work rehabilitation benefits, including physiotherapy until they are deemed able to return their previous employment.

A worker injured in a work- site accident is also entitled to an economic payment to compensate them physical impairment caused by the injury. the determination of the economic loss payment is prescribed for in the WCB Regulations.     

In some instances a worker may be injured in an accident while they are engaged in the course of their work that involves a third party who is not a worker covered under the Act. In these cases is entitled to benefits under the Act the same as if they were injured at the work- site but they also may have the right to sue the at fault third party and seek recovery of damages and for recovery of any benefits paid by the WCB.

If you are injured in an accident during work hours, whether occurring at a work site or off the work- site, you have the right to seek out legal advice on your rights under the Worker's Compensation Act.


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